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AMI Plus, s.r.o. is a prominent system integrator and provider of ERP systems in Slovakia, a certified Asseco Solutions partner.

AMI Plus - Helios Gold Partner

At the present time we provide three business systems: Helios Orange ERP system, BlueGastro restaurant system and Horec hotel system.

We also provide standard service, warranty service and after-sale support: system support, phone consulting, Update, Upgrade, information systems and hardware requirements analysis.

Our main goal is a high-quality and on- time implementation of an information system so that our consumer achieves an expected business contribution and a competitive advantage at the market.

The history of the company goes back to 1991, when company was established under the business name AMI. Information systems have been the main line of company’s business since 2003. Initial company AMI changed its business name and AMI Plus, limited liability company was established in 2006 (abstract of the Business Register).

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