hotel system Helios Horec

Helios Horec - hotel system

  • The most operated hotel system in Slovakia
  • Simple and user-friendly system
  • Slovak product with the guarantee of legislative accuracy
  • High quality product for favorable price


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Helios Horec system modules

Helios Horec hotel system controls main activities like booking and its evidence, guests check-in/check-out, automatic accommodation pricing, billing of services, over the desk sales, renting of premises, accounts balancing, statistics and reviews. Other modules can also be added to the system: phone calls billing, Pay-TV, key-card systems, on-line booking, heating control, restaurant software and ERP systems interface.

Each accommodation facility requires different functions, represented by various system modules. The picture below shows core system set-up and specific modules that can be added based on customer’s needs.

Helios Horec system modules