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Helios Orange - information system for business

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Business module - software Helios Orange

This module helps with the effective management of stock in terms of purchasing and selling goods, products, material or services. It is closely linked to the module Warehouse and deals with the managing of orders, reservations, purchasing optimalization, pricing etc. It supports automatic ordering operations taking into account the planned needs of selling or manufacturing and represents a complete evaluation tool for business activities.

Obchod - software Helios Orange

Effective establishment of business documents

  • Possibility of fast data input using key shortcuts and presets
  • Possibility of creating copies of documents
  • Easy transfers of items between documents
  • EDI messages export and import
  • Support of entering data using barcode scanners
  • Automatic generation of related documents

Extensive system of pricing

  • Client and supplier price lists with a link to organizations
  • Possibility of creating time-limited price lists and time actions
  • Automatic validation of a discount according to the entered parameters
  • Possibility of setting time-limited discounts
  • Possibility of validating discounts both on the items and on the whole document

Foreign currencies

  • Possibility of generating documents in any currency
  • Automatic conversion to EUR according to a selected exchange rate
  • Transfer of a foreign currency to accounting records on entering

Barcode support

  • Record of barcodes to the item of goods
  • Generation of a barcode of the type of EAN 13
  • Possibility of linking barcode scanners (on-line/off-line)
  • Possibility of printing barcodes (labels)
  • EDI communication support

Handling production numbers / batches

  • Definition of a production number with a possibility of monitoring warranties and expiry dates
  • Monitoring of production numbers´ status
  • Explicit identification of goods in view of routing

Support of stock optimalization and planning

  • Possibility of monitoring historical transactions of individual items
  • Reflecting the influence of recorded documents into the stock level
  • Set of prepared reports and functions

Automatic generation of supplier orders

  • Tool for generating supplier orders on the basis of the selected parameters

Sets (component lists)

  • Solution of the purchasing/selling of sets with a defined list of partial items
  • Possibility of printing the documents as a list of sets or as a list of partial items
  • Acceleration of the establishment of the documents

Packaging record

  • Solution of the link between the item of goods and the packaging for a common elimination from the warehouse
  • Possibility of creating data for Ekokom report
  • Record of packaging flow

Links to other modules

  • Automated transfer of documents into accounting entries
  • Transfer of the sales department´s requirements into the module Manufacturing
  • Transfer of the material demands of manufacturing into the module Business Invoicing
  • Interlinking the documents and the records of contact meetings in the module CRM
  • Automated generation of Intrastat reports

External communication

  • EDI communication support
  • Data export from all the reports into MS Office
  • Sending print forms by email or fax
  • Communication with webshop

Reports, controlling

  • Set of prepared reports and functions (turnover rate of stock cards, history of transactions, balance of particular warehouses)
  • Evaluation, creation of print sheets, tables and reports
  • Possibility of a user-friendly creation of proper reports
  • Possibility of creating any contingent tables directly in the system
  • Printing of reports and print forms with the possibility of creating and editing

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