Helios Orange - System look-over

Helios Orange is ERP system designed for small and medium sized enterprises.
We do not provide demo version for downloading, however, we prepared quick system look-over for you.


Helios Gadgets displays required information via mini-application at the side panel within Windows environment (Vista and higher).
For example – account balance, record of payables and receivables, stock records or actual state of invoicing.

Helios Orange Demo - Windows Gadget


Workflow enables to signalize selected tasks or events in the information system . There are more ways of display:

A) 'Task tree' in Helios

  • list of tasks/events (sort out by type) is on the left side of the screen
  • list of tasks corresponding to 'task tree' selection is in the middle of the screen
  • help assistant that explains what activity needs to be done (e.g. fill in entry, approve, etc.) is on the right side of the screen

Helios Orange Demo - Workflow

B) Distinguishable (by color or other feature) record

Passive workflow output (not connected with workflow only) can be displayed as specific record that meets certain conditions. E.g.

  • firms in the directory of companies that have active balance are distinguished by color
  • firms with the balance of more than 100 thousand, are underlined

Helios Orange Demo - Workflow

C) HeInfo

HeInfo is self-functioning application that keeps watch over various events predefined by user. Whenever the event occurs in database Helios Orange, the applications informs the user via predefined actions (task, document for invoicing, order from e-shop, balance of....).

Helios Orange Demo - HeInfo


Management information system provides tools for data display. It is always present in Helios orange system (as well as Adjustment tools, Master data and Additional master data). This module comprises also the following:

  • Pivot tables
  • Graphs
  • Master x Detail
  • Reports (i.e. original Data views)
  • Datascope
  • Managerial interface

Pivot tables:

Variable tool used for evaluation and data overview in 3 dimensions – rows, columns and monitored values. Pivot tables can be easily exported/imported. If it is difficult for you to create a report, we can do it instead and email requested report to you. Here is an example of issued invoices.

Helios Orange Demo - Pivot table


Pivot tables can be also displayed in graphs. The graphs as well as pivot tables can be then exported/imported.

Helios Orange Demo - Graph

Master x Detail:

Master x Detail is unique and interesting feature that enables to follow partial overview (Detail) within the main overview (Master) - report within report. Details obviously have to be related to master report. Master report can be connected to more than one detail report.
For example: Unpaid receivables information, job orders and bank account information can be displayed within Master data.

Helios Orange Demo - Master x Detail

Reports (i.e. original Data views)

Each overview can have any number of predefined reports (filters). Besides standard functions it is possible to utilize also so called color distinguishing (SQL language define condition which is transferred into certain color). Demonstration of business orders review in two different visuals.
Business order review. Layout of review (rows, master data ...) is completely up to the customer needs. For example:

  • red – wins, green - losses
  • % of success is monitored
  • planned return is monitored
  • state of the order, priority, and so on
  • clicking at "+" provides display of for example: business offers, contracts, documents, business minutes, and so on

Helios Orange Demo - Business order review


Datascope is user overview that enables to create own layout „activity tree“. One entry of Datascope presents tree-structure which can combine information collected through various modules of Helios Orange system. Any number of entries/trees can be defined.
Datascope uses all tools – Reports, Pivot tables, Graphs and Master x Details

Helios Orange Demo - Datascope

OLAP cubes:

OLAP cubes are used to organize large scale of data volumes to be user friendly for analyzing business trends and results. Data cubes are based on dimension and metrics definitions. Metrics are usually number values which make sense to compare, sum-up and so on (selling price, margin). You can evaluate metrics through the dimensions (company, date, assortment).

Helios Orange Demo - OLAP cubes

Managerial interface:

Managerial interface is a comfort tool that is fully integrated within MS Excel environment. Direct integration of Helios Orange database enables to download and evaluate data online. Data cannot be changed (one way transfer only), they can just be displayed.

Helios Orange Demo - managerial interface


System allows individual adjustments of visual interface including texts, pictures, etc.
Examples of Helios visual in default state (pict. 1) and individually adjusted by customer (pict. 2).

Helios Orange Demo - default interface vs individually adjusted interface


Examples of work with documents - alternative visual of documents in the system

Helios Orange Demo - work with documents

'Assistant' - help assistant through predefined process.
(The process tree is predefined on the left side – the system automatically offers necessary steps to do and the “Assistant” displays help commentary for requested operation/activity).

Helios Orange Demo - help assistant through predefined process

Linking of the documents - it is always possible to find what other documents/activities arose from primary offer.

Helios Orange Demo - linking of the documents

Demonstration of detailed adjusting of access rights

Helios Orange Demo - access rights

Example of marketing events record

Helios Orange Demo - marketing events record

Demonstration of system linking - set-up and follow-up of goods and service documents.
It is possible to open overview of documents, entries, job orders, all negotiations, documentation, etc. „above“ the company record.

Helios Orange Demo - demonstration of system linking

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