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Finance - module Cash Register

The module Cash Register serves to record cash vouchers in EUR and in a foreign currency. It enables the managing of any number of cash registers according to the needs of the company and to the internal requirements especially in view of assuring material responsibility. The module Cash register works easily with foreign currencies. It offers a possibility of automated entering and automated conversion by a balance exchange rate.

Cash registers according to corporate needs

  • Possibility of recording any number of cash registers according to the needs of the company
  • Setting the way of numbering cash vouchers in one or two number rows
  • Conducting the cash register in a foreign currency with conversion to EUR
  • Possibility to preset print forms
  • Definition of rights to collect and view data in particular cash registers

Easy creation and record of cash vouchers

  • Creation of simpler cash vouchers directly on the heading of the document
  • Possibility of creating item documents, e.g. for accounting of employees´ expenses
  • Accounting of paid or obtained advances
  • Possibility of linking a document to an organization, job, employee, department, cost sphere and vehicle including the description and the note
  • Calculation of VAT from the basis or via a quotient from the total price including VAT
  • Easy issuance of a document copy, a negative copy or a document cancellation
  • Automated creation of settlements from the module Invoicing

Account closings, accounting and reports

  • Easy execution of cash registers´ accounts closings including a possibility of making allocations and subsidies
  • Easy possibility of accounting on the basis of the created routings
  • Cash book, cash disbursement journal in both EUR and a foreign currency
  • Viewing the accounting data from other modules

Finance - module Bank

The role of this module is to create payment orders and to record bank statements in both EUR and in a foreign currency. It provides a possibility of a comprehensive two-way electronic communication with banking institutions. An easy link to accounting guarantees a simple and automatic searching for countersides of accounts in case of settling the orders. The module Bank utilizes templates of both domestic and foreign payment orders including collection payments. It is equipped for working with a third currency or for creating grouped payments and their automatic identification in the lines of bank statements.

Electronic communication with banking institutions

  • Two-way electronic communication with the banking institutions of Slovakia via the created scripts

Payment orders

  • Easy creation of payment orders from the module Invoicing or from the accounting ledger
  • Issuance of domestic payment orders in both EUR and a foreign currency
  • Creation of grouped payments to reduce bank fees

Easy handling of foreign currencies

  • Automatic conversions of a foreign currency to EUR on the basis of the downloaded exchange rate lists
  • Selection of the exchange rate date according to the issuance date or the maturity date stated on the bank statement
  • Possibility of converting into a third currency (payment in a currency di erent from the currency of the account)
  • Automatic recalculation of current exchange rate differences
  • Simple recalculation by a balance exchange rate as of the selected day

Link to accounting

  • Automated searching for settlements
  • Possibility of entering failed-to-search settlements into a selected analytical account
  • Easy manual corrections
  • Links the bank statements to the primary documents in the module Invoicing
  • Well-arranged information on entering both the bank statement and its individual lines

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