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Asseco HELIOS iNuvio - information system for business

  • More than 5000 installations in Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • Fully integrated with MS Office - MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook
  • Favorable price-performance ratio
  • The winner of ERP Czech: The best IS for small and medium enterprises


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CRM system - software Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

The CRM module enables the recording and subsequent processing of contacts with both prospective and current business partners. It helps to establish new business relations and to maintain the existing ones. The usage of the CRM module is very broad because it is not restricted by the legislature and thus how it is utilized depends solely on the customer.

Service jobs management

  • Acceptance of a job order into service
  • Records of operations on the job order
  • Record of utilized spare parts
  • Record of submitted work – invoiced time
  • Linking of goods circulation documents
  • Print of the job document
  • Summary of items submitted to the Servis

Record of tasks

  • Assigning tasks to the staff and checking the execution of the task
  • Automatic establishment of a task on the basis of a specific contact negotiation
  • Easy creation of tasks and repeated tasks based on a template
  • Graphic display of tasks within the calendar with an option of a filter according to any data

Business jobs management

  • Records of the customer´s request
  • Records of the offer sent
  • Minutes of the meetings
  • Linked goods circulation documents
  • Link to the Business module

Records of marketing events

  • List of addressed contacts
  • Possibility of sending emails directly to related contacts
  • Linking sent emails

Easy communication and synchronization with MS Outlook

  • Two-way communication of calendars: Helios <-> MS Outlook
  • Downloading of emails from MS Outlook
  • Sending out emails into MS Outlook
  • Sending out the records of contact meetings including attached documents to all the persons concerned
  • Email events — information to the current customers

Customer care

  • Records of all contact between the company and the customer – telephone conversations, emails, meetings, offers, invitations
  • Possibility of making notes and comments concerning individual customers
  • A very effective tool for the business department – the information from all the departments is accessible within one location

Contact center

  • Dialling telephone numbers directly from the system
  • Identifying incoming calls including related documents displaying
  • Sending SMS messages of an unlimited length to any contact person or group of persons
  • Possibility of creating templates for sending SMS messages
  • Definition of an event for sending SMS messages
  • Possibility of getting an answer to the abovementioned SMS messages and of reacting by changes in the system.

Other possibilities of using and features of the module

  • Record of services provided to the customer
  • Record of internal meetings
  • Relation to the Servis, Goods Circulation modules
  • Attaching documents to contact meetings and tasks

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