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  • Fully integrated with MS Office - MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook
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  • The winner of ERP Czech: The best IS for small and medium enterprises


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Economy - software Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

The module Economy of the Asseco HELIOS iNuvio information system provides you with easy access to crucial information that may be needed in the process of making decisions concerning key economic matters related to your company.

Legislative support and guarantee of legislative compliance

  • Asseco HELIOS iNuvio system database is open to other systems
  • Entry and reading of data from the third party systems
  • Offline data downloading, i.e. from files or data repositories provided by other systems
  • The standard is based on communication with MS
  • Outlook – synchronizing calendars, sending out invitations, emails, contacts, tasks and downloading emails
  • Saving any documents or links into the database and searching and viewing a document is easy and does not necessitate searching on the company net

Easy controlling and reporting

  • The codebook of accounts enables conducting two account numbers and names for an automatic USGAAP and IFRS conversion
  • The module Reports enables, besides a standard reporting according to the valid legislature (profit and loss account and balance sheet in a simplified and full scope), the creation of other reports to monitor required outputs with the break into centers, jobs and cost spheres
  • Possibility of monitoring outputs outside the ERP systems´ user environment by using Management Interface
  • Possibility of interconnecting the data with MS
  • Excel with the help of formulae and an easy subsequent update of the created reports by conversions using Excel standard tools

Optimalization of data entry

  • Automated execution of book entries of primary documents with the help of accounting allocations
  • Automated entry of bank statements with a possibility of data transfer from homebanking
  • Possibility of handling the payments by payment cards with the help of the card center
  • Possibility of fast manual entry of accounting data with the help of key shortcuts and presets for filling in the data in individual lines
  • Possibility of creating bulk copies of accounting entries

Effective checking of finance, processes and accounting entries

  • Possibility of entering data regarding companies, departments, contracts, cost spheres, employees and vehicles in primary modules and their subsequent entering
  • Full-featured evaluation of all areas of the agenda including the monitoring and checking of related data
  • Viewing the accounting data from other modules
  • Displaying the accounting entries from the modules of primary documents including a possibility of fullfeatured accounting corrections
  • Easy evaluation of effectiveness
  • Accounting control mechanisms in the course of handling a job and especially on its closing
  • Effective checking of entering and data entered
  • Preset control mechanisms for a logical control of accounting entries including VAT charges records and a posibility of an easy and fast correction directly in the lines of the error report
  • Record of particular accounting transactions according to their business and logical relationship regardless of the date of the transaction in compliance with Accounting Law

Financial analyses

  • Possibility of planning as well as the subsequent evaluation of the company, center, job or cost spheres, based on created reports or indicators, which all have the easy possibility of updating a selected period including the display with the help of graphs and the possibility of dissolving overheads according to required parameters
  • Easy presentation of results even outside the standard user´s environment thanks to an easy exportation into html

Support of communication with external subjects

  • Creation of VAT, summary reports, Intrastat, customs documents, RELDP etc. and their submission via the Public Authorities Portal
  • Support of electronic certifi cates and coding
  • Support of homebanking with a possibility of importing bank statements and payment orders exports including foreign ones or domestic ones in foreign currency
  • Support of accounting companies

Record of payables and receivables

  • Automated and efficient monitoring of payables and collection of receivables
  • Issuance and print of various-degree reminders and penalization invoices including their entry

Support of accounting in foreign currencies

  • Automatic conversions to € with the help of downloaded exchange lists
  • Record of a foreign currency on both primary documents and accounting entries
  • Effective handling of currency compensation - both the current compensation in the course of the year and the balance compensation at the end of the year
  • Record of payables and receivables in the ledger in € and foreign currency
  • Possibility of an easy heller compensation including the compensation of foreign currency

Assets handling

  • Automated generation of both accounting and tax transactions
  • Automated generation of difference transactions between the facts identified in inventory and the data entered in the database according to localities, centers and employees when using a barcode scanner
  • Possibility of displaying the balance of assets from any selected date including conducting operational records of small and short-term assets and setting the limits of technical betterment
  • Possibility of conducting third transactions according to the needs of foreign mother companies

Possibility of creating proper reports

  • Evaluation and creation of print sheets, charts and reports
  • Possibility of a user-friendly creation of proper reports with needy columns, their layout, sorting the lines and with a possibility of fi ltering including grouping the lines
  • Support of creating any contingent tables directly in the system
  • Creation of reports with the possibility of printing and editing
  • Possibility of exporting the data into MS Office (Word, Excel, TXT, html) and sending the documents by email or fax in a selected format

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