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Human resources - software Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

As the most important part of human resources management, the module Wages enables effective handling of all the wage types, easy recording of the employees´ personal and wage data, or the printing of any reports and forms for various authorities. It can also be utilized separately or linked to the modules Accounting and Bank. Selected forms of the module can be sent electronically via the Public Authorities Portal.

Basic wage functionality

  • Processing of monthly, hourly and piece wages
  • Record, drawing and automatic shortening of leave
  • Possibility of entering lump-sum (repeating) wage parts
  • Automatic calculation of maximum-possible deductions for various kinds of executions
  • Pension scheme (insurance) – monitoring legislative limits for taxation, division of the amount between costs and the amount paid by the company from its profit
  • Possibility of entering an in-kind remuneration
  • Automatic generation of social insurance registration and deregistration
  • Automatic creation of the Employer´s Bulk
  • Notification for individual health insurance companies
  • Calculation of eligibility for a pension
  • Possibility of matching a wage bracket or degree to an employee – checking the period of experience
  • Automatic update of wage brackets
  • Automatic calculation of yearly tax accounting
  • Automatic downloading of data into ELDP and their subsequent print or export via the Public Authorities Portal
  • Print of statutory sheets (Statement of Remuneration, Acknowledgement of Income, Inclusion Statement)
  • Calculation of conjectural items for leave

Optimalization of data entry

  • Entry of the wage data and the data for the calculation of both the current and the following month
  • Data import from attendance systems
  • User-friendly data import for calculations from Excel
  • Possibility of importing data for calculations in the format of txt or xml
  • Bulk entry of wage parts to selected employees
  • Bulk calculation of pays to all employees with a possibility of a subsequent completion

Guarantee of compliance with the legislature

  • Guarantee of the correctness and compliance with the valid legislature in the payroll sphere

Electronic communication with public authorities

  • Submission of social insurance RLFO, registrations and deregistrations via the Public Authorities Portal
  • Support of electronic certificates and coding
  • Support of electronic banking and a subsequent entry into the module Accounting
  • Export of the data

Support of accounting companies

  • Effective and fast work on setting the module Wages with the help of copying

Easy creation of reports

  • Possibility of creating proper reports
  • Evaluation, creation of print reports, tables and generator reports
  • Creation of proper records with needy columns and their layout
  • Any sorting of the lines with a possibility of fi ltering including grouping
  • Creation of summing wage reports for selected periods
  • Support of creating contingent tables directly in the system
  • Creation of reports with the possibility of printing and editing
  • Data export into MS Office and sending the documents by email or fax

Statistical outputs

  • ISCP - MZDY statistical outputs for business organizations
  • ISCP statistical outputs for budgetary and contribution organizations
  • Print of statistical forms
  • Easy creation of data for any types of statistical survey

Payroll accounting

  • Automatic entry of wages into the module Accounting
  • Entry of wages into any file for the transfer to another accounting program
  • Wage costs can be divided into centers, jobs, cost spheres or vehicles
  • Possibility of using accounting groups – then it is possible to enter selected wage parts into various accounts
  • Possibility to divide the entry of the wage part into accounts on the basis of other wage parts

Variability of wage calendars

  • User´s creation of wage calendars
  • Support of both regular and irregular worktime
  • For irregular worktime it is possible to set a cycle of shifts, on the basis of which the calendar for the entire year will be created
  • Creation of calendars with flexible worktime

Control mechanisms

  • Supervision of the trial period, support period and protective period of an employee
  • Checking of fi lling in basic data necessary for correct wage calculation
  • Checking of the validation of the tax privilege for children up to 18 and 26 years of age
  • Checking of the legal limits related to overtime, standby and worked hours in case of contracts of services
  • Checking of accomplishing the planned training
  • Checking of reaching the corresponding degree according to the duration of practice
  • Possibility of displaying wage-related data over selected periods
  • Possibility of monitoring selected changes during a certain period

Human resources

  • Records of any documents related to an individual employee
  • Records of employees´ birthdays and anniversaries, family members´ birthdays
  • Records and automatic planning of trainings and medical checkups
  • Records of planned and real costs of training
  • Records of certifi cates obtained in training events

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