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Management information system - Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

Management information system is formed by several modules and tools which are integrated into Asseco HELIOS iNuvio system. They enable a comprehensive view of the data in the ERP system according to the needs and habits of the customer. The concrete usage of a particular tool depends on the required result.

MIS, prepojenie na ExcelKontingenčné tabuľky - Manažérsky informačný systémVýstup v podobe grafov v manažérskom informačnom systéme

Managerial interface

  • Supplement to MS Excel, which works with the data in the Asseco HELIOS iNuvio system
  • Over 200 different functions with prepared user´s guides
  • Possibility of defining rights to individual functions
  • Possibility of interlinking more data sources, a tool for consolidation
  • Controlling, reporting – utilizing current MS Excel controlling reports and their interlinking
  • Any number of displays of data in various contexts
  • Simple update of values
  • Tool for managers – important information on one spot
  • Possibility of any number of definitions of a proper data viewing
  • Any evaluation criteria
  • Graphic visualization (graphs, tables)
  • Predefined functions with a direct link to the database
  • Possibility of defining new functions


  • Standard reports necessary for communicating with various authorities
  • Functions for checking the correctness of the report´s definition
  • Iteration – a „correct“ rounding to thousands
  • Definition of the compensation between the lines of the report in assets and liabilities
  • Evaluation by centers, jobs, or cost spheres
  • Possibility of creating any number of proper reports
  • Possibility of using the definition of the report for more sheets
  • Print or email – in foreign languages
  • Definition of the structure of the plan (budget)
  • Structured documents – data for creating contracts or other documents
  • Possibility of utilizing external data sources for the tables in the document
  • Templates of contracts and a template of Compulsory Appendices to Accounts Closing
  • Tool for creating any document according to the example
  • E.g. the Commercial Bulletin, labour contracts, contracts for work
  • Current legislature – codebook with current laws and regulations related to accounting

Financial analysis

  • Definition of financial indicators for operational evaluation
  • Multidimensional indicators (the pyramid ones, Altman model)
  • Results displayed in a well-arranged shape of a table or a graph
  • Evaluation according to centers, jobs, cost spheres
  • Utilization and graphic visualization of the results of the module Reports
  • Creation and simulation of entrepreneurial intents with a possibility of an operative change
  • Utilization of current data from Asseco HELIOS iNuvio system and from other external sources alike
  • Direct html generation – intranet www site


  • Making use of the possibilities of the module Reports – possibility of defining any shape of the plan
  • Comparison of the planned values with the actuality
  • Automatic download of the values of the plan or budget
  • Any options of a plan or budget
  • Possibility of a hierarchical structuring of a plan or budget
  • Possibility of a linear structuring of a plan or budget
  • Possibility of monitoring any stage of the plan or budget
  • Cumulation of more plans and budgets simultaneously
  • Breakdown of one plan or budget into partial ones
  • Automatic generation of a budget from the actuality
  • Evaluation of the Planning Reports in Financial Analysis
  • Proper definition of the planning or budgeting structure
  • Data for the analysis of investment effectiveness
  • Allocating overheads to departments, jobs, cost spheres
  • Evaluating on a time axis

Cashflow management

  • Prognosis of financial resources in the course of particular days
  • It offers a simple and effective routine analysis of the financial resources
  • The source of cashflow can be receivables and payables, wages, orders, invoicing
  • The reality is monitored via the modules Bank and Treasury
  • Individual cashflow – modelling future cashflow
  • Possibility of categorization of cashflow (cash, current accounts)
  • Simulation of cashflow variants (e.g. optimistic, pessimistic)
  • Support of foreign currencies
  • Overview of cashflow (sources, preliminary analysis, individual analysis, reality)
  • Automatic corrections in preliminary analysis according to the previous payment moral
  • Functionality for corrections of maturity
  • Cashflow as of a date
  • Display of the values in the graph of the module Financial Analysis

OLAP data cubes

  • Flexible and fast execution of the queries and analyses of large-scale data volumes
  • Evaluation for the defined criteria or their combination
  • Possibility of creating data store – grouping data from various data sources
  • Possibility of evaluating after disconnecting from the server
  • Data mining – predictions and plans on the basis of historical data

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