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Asseco HELIOS iNuvio - information system for business

  • More than 5000 installations in Slovakia and Czech Republic
  • Fully integrated with MS Office - MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook
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  • The winner of ERP Czech: The best IS for small and medium enterprises


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Manufacturing - software Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

The manufacturing modules significantly support comprehensive management of all the manufacturing types. Their features range from technical preparation of manufacturing processes, which is capable of creating and saving a „CV“ of a product, via production management to planning effective manufacturing activities. Its integrated logistic and financial modules directly support economic contribution arising from implementing this system in manufacturing companies.

Technická príprava, riadenie a kapacitné plánovanie výroby

Technical preparation of production

  • Easy establishment of component lists and processes, data imports from CAD applications
  • Demonstrative term change proceedings
  • Searching for history of changes and support of functions for bulk changes
  • Support of ISO standards
  • Copying records from similar products

Creation of calculations

  • De?nition of calculation formulas
  • De?nition of costs on particular centers or worksites
  • Balance sheet work of costs in the particular items of the calculation formula

Support of business and offering activity

  • Integration with the module Goods flow
  • Creation of offering records
  • Support of cost calculation for offering activity
  • Possibility of simulating capacity and material coverage of offers

Variants and options

  • Possibility of substituting materials both on the level of a component list and on the material card
  • De?nition of surrogate operations on the level of the technology process or worksite
  • Taking into acccount options on preparing stock documents or on capacity planning
  • Different variants of production technology for the given part
  • Selection of the product´s variant before entering into manufacturing or on transferring into stock

Stock optimalization

  • Automatic generation of both purchasing and production requirements
  • Optimalization of purchasing
  • Blocking the material for manuacturing
  • Comparing the material need to the stock level in view of future transactions

Deducibility in manufacturing

  • Searching for the state of the order´s degree of completion
  • Retrospective searching for the cause of complaint
  • Monitoring and recording of particular batches or production numbers both in production and in stock
  • Possibility of monitoring the history of the changes in component lists and processes on particular production orders in the form of variation proceedings
  • Stock valuation both in production and in production buyer stock in the particular items of the calculation formula

Support of quality management

  • Planning and recording of control operations
  • Interconnection with the Palstat quality management system

Planning and optimalization of capacity resources

  • Both future and retrospective planning of the extent of utilization of particular resources
  • Combination of the regime of limited and unlimited capacities of the resource
  • De?nition of planning calendars for particular resources
  • Graphic outputs from the capacity plan


  • De?nition of cooperation requirements
  • Creation of cooperation orders and records of cooperations
  • Monitoring of the goods level in cooperation

Data collection with the help of terminals

  • Print of barcodes within the production records
  • Utilization of barcodes for the submission of production or in warehouses
  • Possibility of data collection with the help of stationary or mobile terminals
  • Support of mutual communication between the terminal and a machine

Accounting work-in-process

  • Possibility of an automatic entering of increments and decrements of work-in-process
  • Monitoring of the balances of work-in-process in any selected period
  • Display of the level of work-in-process as of a selected date

Evaluation of orders

  • Comparison of planned and real costs on a production order or order
  • Evaluation, creation of print sheets, tables and reports
  • Possibility of user-friendly creation of proper reports
  • Support of the creation of any contingent tables directly in the system
  • Data export into MS Office (Word, Excel, TXT, html) and sending documents by email or fax

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