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Stock Records - software Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

The module Stock Records offers features for conducting stock agendas and creating stock documents as well as stocktaking. For each stock card it is possible to record a broad range of data (stock prices, related costs, units of measure, external documents, suppliers etc.) and to get an exact and detailed view of the changes in its stock level, transactions of production numbers or location. In cooperation with the module Business it deals with the problems of processing a business case including the link to jobs.

Analýzy skladov v module Skladové hospodárstvoSkladové karty, program Asseco HELIOS iNuvio

Effective establishment of records

  • Fast and manual data input via key shortcuts and presets.
  • Creation of copies of stock cards and stock documents.
  • Mass changes of the parameters of stock cards.
  • Import of stock cards from MS Excel.
  • Easy transfers of stock items between documents including partial transfers.
  • EDI messages export and import.
  • Utilization of barcodes for entering both items and documents.

Stock level records at any number of warehouses

  • User-defi ned 5-level warehouse structure.
  • Definition of the access rights to particular warehouses.
  • Guarantee of a single codebook of goods and services cards.

Optional method of stock records

  • Support of FIFO and average prices.
  • Possibility of choosing a stock records method for each warehouse independently.
  • Possibility of changing stock records.

Stock documents

  • Creation of stock documents of the type of stock in, stock out and cancellation documents.
  • User-defined rows of individual documents.
  • Automatic accounting of documents with the help of accounting allocations.
  • Possibility of the automatic conversion of measure units according to the type of transaction.
  • Print of documents in a required graphic layout including foreign-language versions.

Stock level

  • Current information on quantity and fi nancial stock values.
  • Balances of costs related to stock items. Overview of other modules´ needs (Business and Manufacturing).
  • Selling and purchasing prices management – possibility of linking price lists and organizations.
  • Broad offer of the records of supplemental data (ADR, Intrastat, dimensions etc.).

Stock level inventories

  • Generation of data for stock inventories at particular warehouses.
  • Print of inventory protocols.
  • Generation of inventory documents.
  • Possibility of closing the stock with blocking.
  • Establishment of documents prior to the date of stock closing.

Position of goods at a warehouse (location)

  • Possibility of having a user definition of stock positions – stock topology
  • Record of items´ balance at particular stock positions
  • Possibility of changing the item´s position without having to create transaction documents
  • History of stock position transactions

Barcode support

  • Record of barcodes related to the item of goods
  • Generation of a barcode of the type of EAN 13
  • Possibility of connecting barcode scanners and their utilizing for entering items onto a document (online/off-line)
  • Possibility of printing barcodes (label)
  • EDI communication support

Production numbers / batches

  • Production number definition with the possibility of monitoring warranty deadlines and expiry dates
  • Monitoring of the production numbers´ status
  • History of the production number´s transactions

Related costs

  • User-defi ned segmentation of related costs
  • Calculation and record of related costs
  • Automatic write-off at the moment of the execution of issue from stock
  • Possibility of automatic accounting
  • Transfer of related costs on transferring goods between warehouses

Foreign currencies

  • Possibility of establishing stock documents in any currency
  • Automatic conversion to € according to a selected exchange rate

External communication - reports, controlling

  • Set of prepared reports and functions (transaction of the turnover rate of stock cards, history of transactions, balance of particular warehouses etc.)
  • Evaluation, creation of print sheets, tables and reports
  • Possibility of a user-friendly creation of proper reports
  • Support of the creation of any contingent tables directly in the system
  • Creation of reports and print forms with a possibility of printing and editing Data export into MS Office (Word, Excel, TXT, html) and sending the documents by email or fax in a selected format
  • EDI messages export

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